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  • I am providing transformation services (see content details below)
  • for individuals, families, small groups and big groups
  • so as to reach a high level of unconditional love for all and a sustainable energy
  • with a style of natural, organic, spontaneous talks
  • accelerated by my highly provocative ways 🙂 

One on one: For total personal transformation and/or business development – with online camera talk or walk and talk in the nature in Antalya or Friday to Monday at my house in Antalya or Akra Barut Hotel in Antalya

Families: For building a family of peace, happiness and effectiveness (starting with an individual at a time and completing with all members as relationship matures) – Friday to Monday at my house in Antalya or Akra Barut Hotel in Antalya

Small Groups: For groups up to seven – Friday to Monday at Antalya Akra Barut Hotel

Big Groups: For groups over seven anywhere in the World for at least three days or at most seven days

Content Details

BirOlus (Session / Program / Facilitator) ❤️

BizOlus (Session / Program / Facilitator) 💕🤝🙏

Human Potential / Transfigurations
(Sample Trainings / Satsangs / Retreats: Awakening 🌈 Invitation to Unity 💕

Backgammon with Life
(Live Training / Satsang / Retreat: Whenever the audience is ready it is served on the spot. It will also be served as a camp with a minimum duration of a week)

Golden Age with 5D Consciousness (Leadership / Science / University / Software / Guitar / Tantra / …)
(Custom Trainings! When need arises these will be served)

There is no limit for subjects, please let me know beforehand 🙂